Congrats to Huimin Yin on her acceptance to the Biology MSc program here at Acadia, where she will continue to work in our group toward her degree!

This work highlights a family of Ru(II) complexes that is licensed to Theralase Technologies, Inc. for development as photodynamic compounds for treating bladder cancer.

Metal complexes that, for all practical purposes, do not absorb red light can be activated in the PDT window, owing to highly photosensitizing 3IL excited states.

Theralase Technologies Inc. announced today that it has advanced its anti-cancer technology platform through an executed research agreement with Acadia University. 

Prof. Sherri McFarland and Julia Wright, preparing to harvest.

A press release outlining some of the events happening in the McFarland Labs and the importance of working in a lab as a student, from the perspectives of Jordan Gibson, and Marc Hetu.