Theralase Anti-Cancer Technology Validated in Prestigious US Chemistry Publication

2014-05-27 11:38

The new research presents how Theralase's new class of PDCs incorporates systems that act as dual Type I/II PDCs (able to work in oxygenated and non-oxygenated tissue), opening up the possibility of treating hypoxic (low oxygen) tumours with Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT). These PDCs are remarkable in-vitro centromere binders (localizing to the nucleus of a cell) and photocleavers (ability to damage nucleus), thus destroying cells when exposed to light. They also exhibit no nucleic damage in the absence of light, supporting their high safety and tolerability. This PDT effect translates effectively to animals and has proven superior to the FDA approved PDC Photofrin(R), in this research. The ability to activate the Theralase PDCs from visible to Near Infra Red (NIR) light marks an unprecedented versatility that can be exploited to match treatment depth to tumour target depth, giving rise to PDCs for multi-wavelength activated PDT. 

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